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A lady...said that 3 yrs. ago, she messed around on her husband (Extra-marital affair). She said she repented, but that she still felt bad about it.  [The guy on the 700 Club] told her she HAD to go and tell her husband.  I thought if you ask God for forgiveness the sin is washed away?

A. - We must be honest with our mates at all costs (Ephesians 4:15).  Yes, the Lord does forgive us, but the word also say's that we need to confess our faults to one another (James 5:16).  If we don't, and the spouse eventually finds out that this happened, the trust can be seriously destroyed beyond repair.  At least, as the offender trusts God to give mercy with the consequences, there will be hope of re-establishing trust because the matter was quickly dealt with.  When it is not quickly dealt with, the possibility of more sin becomes greater.  

In Ecclesiates 8:11, Solomon said "When a crime is not punished, people feel it is safe to do wrong." [New Living Translation © 1996 Tyndale Charitable Trust  ] (see also Matthew 3:6; 18:15-17).  I can choose to deal with my crimes by confessing them to the Lord and of course to my brothers in the Lord.  As a pastor, I am accountable to Elders in my church, and they are accountable to me.  We confess our faults to one another and we should do so as all believers should to maintain a testimony of integrity.  I also have a personal Christian friend that I can confess to if need be.   

Spouses, especially Christian spouses, should do the same (Ephesians 5:22-33; James 5:16).  May God help us not to have to do such evil, or any evil, and keep it from those whom we say we love. We grow from failure as well as progress (Romans 8:28). 

[First Baptist Church is not a supporter of the 700 Club.  These are questions asked of Pastor Payden by those who watch this program]

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