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I was watching the 700 Club this morning.  The lead guy on there said that Terry Schaivo's husband was a money-grubber; and that he couldn't wait for his wife to die;  isn't this "judging"? 

A. - It certainly sounds like judging. But that depends upon whether or not the information happens to be a true fact of the husband's reason's for wanting to remove the feeding tube from her.  If the husband has shown in the past such a pattern of "money-grubbing", then it could make one be concerned, but they certainly could not conclude that unless he actually stated that his reasons had to do with money.  Now a court could conclude that but will a court 'care' about the motive as much as the results? 

That may depend upon a particular court.   He may even say that in private, but a religious broadcasting ministry has to be at least biblically cautious as to whom they make judgment on and how they make that judgment.I don't personally believe that the feeding tube should be removed from the young lady.  She is not on life support.  She just can't feed herself.  I believe her husband's judgment has been flawed by his having a girlfriend and other children by the girlfriend. 

Do we stop feeding someone because they are incapable of feeding themselves?  Should a spouse give up on a spouse when they vowed to be with them for 'better or for worse'?  There certainly are some circumstances where biblically that may be necessary. But otherwise, he should remain faithful to his wife.  If for no other reason, he should at least have compassion for the parents and let the wife be cared for by them.  So, is insurance money the

Possibly. What's even worse about this is that Euthanasia is becoming such a common practice that eventually such cases will not get as much media attention.  This one happens to because its implications are setting a precedent for the future of the court's involvement in such matters, and the fact that the matter of life is constantly being demeaned.


  That's what i heard part of; What about that???

A. - Remember, SHE'S NOT A VEGETABLE!  Vegetables, if I am medically correct, cannot respond to much of anything.  This girl can't talk but she does have responses.  She can follow objects. She may be retarded,
but now are we going to begin killing everyone who is retarded?  I pray not!

My mother was not a vegetable, but she was kept alive by life support.  She had Leukemia and she told me that she did not want to remain on life support.  I could have chosen to leave her on it because I did not want to violate God's Word.  But I also had to deal with the fact that I could also be impeding the natural process of her life.  The Lord can keep alive who he chooses. 

My mother was saved and loved the Lord Jesus.  She died a very precious death in the sight of the Lord.  It was difficult for me, but it was great closure for me as well, of which I am eternally grateful.The courts, I feel, have gone too far in one sense and not far enough in another. 

They are actually taking a life by refusing to feed, and unwilling to provide more legal security for those who cannot speak for themselves.  One more example of the twisted and confused judgment of those without the Lord.


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