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No.  Women are gifted like men in all the gifts. There is no gender specified, although there are not women who were listed as Apostles.  But the gifts are not what determines the "office" of the Pastor-Teacher (Ephesians 4:11).  The 'office' is specifically designated for men according to I Timothy 3:1-7.  This verse specifies that first, the desire and aspiration for the office is to men because the Greek language rendered is 'aner',  meaning masculine, or male.  It is not the general term for mankind which would include both male and female. Second, only men can fulfill the two qualifications in this passage of being 'the husband of one wife' and the man who must 'manage his home well'. 

Beyond this, in chapter 2 of this letter, Paul instructs Timothy that "...I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over a man, but to remain quiet."   Many have approached this passage and claimed that it only speaks of the culture of Paul's day, but Paul in verses 13-15 shows how this is not just in his day, but in the order of creation itself and hence for all time.   The unfortunate thing that occurs is that gifted women do not have the opportunity often to exercise their gifts in the proper settings where their roles are not compromised according to scripture.  Also what is unfortunate is that many of the pastors today no longer choose to maintain their stand on God's word regarding this subject.  The church needs both men who will work to help set up uncompromising venue's for women to exercise their gifts and yet stand firm against women who are usurping authority in the church over men.


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