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Do you believe people who are not saved, when they die in that moment wake up to a Christ less eternity?  Like us when we die we wake up in the presence of the Lord.  I guess my question what do the unsaved awake to once they pass this life?


Yes, I believe that they are in a place that the Greeks called Hades and the Jews called Sheol, or the grave, or the place of the Dead.  Before Christ gave His life for us, a part of Sheol was called Abrahams Bosom (Luke 16:19-31).  This man was conscious after death.

David prohesied of the resurrection of Jesus and Peter repeated that passage from the Psalms in Acts 2:27, 31.

Lastly, Revelation 20:13-14 talks about Hades giving up its dead.  They are then judged, and thrown into the Lake of Fire.

I hope this helps.  Keep asking until you understand though.


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